Des membres de Benjamin F. Luke Lodge # 127 de Brunssum / Pays-Bas, ont rendu hommage au "Wereth Eleven" à l'occasion du "Mois de l'histoire des Noirs"

MERCI spécial aux membres de Benjamin F. Luke Lodge n ° 127 pour votre visite au mémorial "Wereth Eleven" et votre intérêt pour leur destin. Nous avons été très heureux de vous accueillir et même la pluie a arrêté le temps d'une cérémonie respectueuse.
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The members of Benjamin F. Luke Lodge #127 placed a wreath at the memorial for the Wereth 11 in Wereth, Belgium, to commemorate Black History Month. Placing the wreath at the memorial of the Wereth 11 is our Lodge’s small way of recognizing the ultimate sacrifices and hardships endured by the Wereth 11 and all African American Service Members, during World War II. The Wereth 11 were members of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion that were assigned to an area outside Wereth, Belgium. Their unit was overrun by the Germans during the war. They made a journey of 10 or 11 miles into Wereth, Belgium where they were later captured and executed by the German SS Unit. All 11 members received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Victory Medal. More information about the Wereth 11 and the Memorial can be found at The names of the Wereth 11 are provided;
Private Adams, Curtis
Corporal Bradley, Mager
Private First Class Davis, George
Staff Sergeant Forte, Thomas J.
Technical Corporal Green, Robert
Private First Class Leatherwood James
Private Moss, Nathaniel
Private First Class Moten, George W.
Technical Sergeant Pritchett, William Edward
Technical Sergeant Stewart, James Aubrey
Private First Class Turner, Due W.