Memorial Day Sep. 2008

THE ROCKET - Fall/Winter Edition 2008 by Major Lawanda D. Warthen, USA.

General William E. "Kip" Ward, Commanding General of AFRICOM, was the keynote speaker at a ceremony to honor the Wereth 11, the African American Soldiers of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion who were murdered by the German SS after they had surrendered in the first days of the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. Their spirits continue to live in the tiny village of Wereth, Belgium. On Saturday, 20 September 2008, The ROCKS, Inc. European Officers chapter, U.S. active-duty, reserve, retired Soldiers, family members, and the local town people in Germany and Belgium participated in a wreath-laying ceremony commemorating the men known as the Wereth 11. A color guard from the 5th Signal Command from Mannheim, Germany, led the processional from the house where they were captured to the site where they were executed.